Business Development

Collaboration and alliance is a vital component at Bonita Pharmaceuticals. We are dedicated to pursue partnerships that will benefit everyone involved. As an independent company we are flexible in our approach, prompt in our response and fully engaged in making our partnerships prevail.

Opportunites, Collaboration, Marketing, Sales and Business Development with Bonita Pharmaceuticals:

Bonita Pharmaceuticals is aggressively expanding with an intent to increase our product lines exponentially. Bonita Pharmaceuticals is always open to new ideas and opportunities. Business relationships with pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers are continually sought after and welcomed.


Bonita Pharmaceuticals is actively pursuing the expansion of our product line through strategic alliance with manufacturers. Our main business orientation is to continuously expand in a high-quality pharmaceutical range of products, which are manufactured in compliance with the regulations and US-FDA standards. We seek to partner with the manufacturers who are interested in collaborating with us for an exclusive nationwide distribution of their products.

Other Wholesalers and Distributors:

Bonita Pharmaceuticals is in the quest for regional distributors who can exclusively carry our brands in their selected regions. If you are a drug distributor interested in partnering with Bonita Pharmaceuticals to propel your company’s development, we can provide you with value added services to help further your growth.