Payment Method:

We accept payment by Check, E-check/ACH, Wire, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Returned Checks :

Returned Check fee for Insufficient Funds (NSF): $35.00

Improper Charge Back Fee :

Customers issuing a no cause/reason charge back after they have received their merchandise will be billed any fees incurred by Bonita as well as a $50.00 charge back fee. We must protect ourselves from this new type of crime/negligence.

Product Availability:

Merchandise is subject to change or discontinue without notice. All information provided on Bonita is deemed reliable, but without any warranty. We are not responsible for a manufacturer’s inability to supply us merchandise or if they update their product to different specifications than what is on our website. Any changes you are notified and must approve the change.

Return Policy :

Customer returns will only be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Customer ordered the wrong item *
  • Customer ordered item and later found out insurance company doesn’t cover item *
  • Customer no longer needs item *
  • Customer ordered the wrong quantity *
  • Sales representative ordered the wrong item for customer
  • Sales representative ordered the wrong quantity for customer
  • Customer states they did not order the item
  • Customer states they ordered an item but received a different item
  • Customer received different expiration date on item
  • Shipping error
  • Listing errors in third-party online portals
  • Short-dated products are non-returnable and non-refundable
  • Refrigerated products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Returns will not be accepted after 2 weeks from the date of invoice * 20% restock fee + shipping fees apply

Order Canceling:

All orders must be cancelled by phone before 4 PM EST, M-F.

Shipping Terms :

Orders are shipped via UPS daily at our discretion. Additional charges for expedited shipping may apply.

Unpaid Invoices Should Refer to Bonita Pharmaceuticals Accounting Department.

  • If any invoice goes beyond 30 days past due, all the invoices shall become due and payable upon demand.
  • In such cases, if Bonita Pharmaceuticals, LLC deems it necessary, they shall seek third party assistance for recovery and the customers abides to pay all the cost of collection including the Court charges, reasonable attorney’s fees through and including the appellate level.
  • In case of any disputes relating to or arising from the purchase of products from Bonita Pharmaceuticals, LLC, the customers agrees to the jurisdiction and venue in Wayne County Superior Court, Michigan.
  • Bonita Pharmaceuticals, LLC reserves a right to change the product price and quotations subject to the availability of the products as well as the fluctuations in prices from the vendors.
  • The customer agrees to notify Bonita Pharmaceuticals LLC, in the event of any discrepancy found after the delivery of products within 48 BUSINESS HOURS of receipt of the products. In the event, the customer fails to notify, they agree to waive any/or all the claims and make the complete payment against the invoices and no discrepancy notifications shall be made after 48 BUSINESS HOURS of the receipt of the products.